We’ve always heard that perseverance is admirable and we should never give up on something, but is this really true? Or should the saying go, “If at first you don’t succeed, do something else?”

To answer this, I researched the problem in the best way possible: scrolling through random pictures.

And what have I found? While there’s an exception or two (and we’re gonna get to those), not being a quitter is a good thing.

1. I think that a lot of us would try out some tech that we found on the ground, but this guy went even further with it.

Most people facing this situation would think, “Oh, I guess it’s busted,” or “This is actually a calculator,” but not him!

2. Well, I suppose there should be at least a couple of upsides to the trials of adulthood.

You may have to deal with work and taxes, but at least you’re free to make a Gushers by the Foot monstrosity without mom throwing it away.

3. No matter how boring a class gets, this young man will never stop keeping his eyes on the prize.

You might have noticed that he has his headphones in, but come on, he’s not a robot. Plus, one ear is still listening to the teacher.

4. If they’re anything like my friends, these two are probably unlocking lost knowledge of like, 50 inside jokes right now. 

5. Yeah, this is one rule that I can’t see too many people trying to enforce.

I don’t know what distressing reason this place could have for not allowing dogs, but the idea of someone being hard-hearted enough to say no to that face is scaring me.


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