Moments come and go with just blink of an eye and what remains in memories. We all try our best to behold those memories in form of either videos or photographs. Yes, photography plays an important role in making us feel emotions like nostalgia, happy, sad or even angry. But for a perfect picture to be captured, one not only needs good lenses, the art of photography but also the right time to deliver the outstanding shot.

Exactly, the time to click an unexpected yet peculiar shot is of paramount importance as a slight difference in timing and you could get a distinct picture showcasing totally different angle of the whole scenario.

Well, thanks to the Internet that is filled to the brim with some perfectly-timed photos that are sure to give your today’s dose of laughter with ease.

Hence, look at these pictures and add a hilarious moment right away.

Whaaat is she doing, man?

Don’t you think the Internet is full of hilarious and crazy pictures that somehow show the stupidity or madness from a different viewpoint? Well, Look at this picture, it looks like the girl is doing something with the man (you know, what I mean) but the reality is different. She only seems to bend down nothing else.

But the way the picture is clicked gave us some funny moment!

Uh la la… Something is coming out and monkeys are loving it!

Distraction is the probably reason why some accidents happen

WTF! Is it her talent or God gift?

Chimpanzee: Why do humans have all the fun?


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