Business cards are being printed in black-owned businesses across Africa, which have been struggling for years to survive amid a decline in the African middle class.

The business cards were introduced in 2018 by the African Union Mission in Somalia, which was created to provide economic empowerment and job creation for African countries.

They are being produced by the Association of African Chambers of Commerce (AACC) and the Association for Business, Economic and Technical Development (A-BED), according to the Business and Economic Council of Africa (BECOA).

The BECOA is a network of business and economic associations and business associations.

It works to promote business and industry and help improve the business environment in Africa.

A-bED, which is part of the African National Congress (ANC), was set up in the 1990s by the former president of Ethiopia, Idi Amin, to encourage African businesses to operate in the continent.

“In 2018, we started to see a reduction in black owned business in Africa, particularly in Somalia and Djibouti, and that has continued over the years,” said Rafi El-Erian, director of A-Beds Business Council.

“It is a great challenge because we see the economic growth in Somalia being driven by the growth of Somali business, but then we see other countries being unable to sustain that growth.”

While there have been a number of African countries, like Ethiopia, Kenya and Niger, that have begun to lift restrictions on African businesses, it is still a struggle for African businesses.

“We are seeing a lot of problems, not just the economic, but the social aspects as well,” said El-Haiti.

“When you look at how many businesses there are in Somalia today, the majority of them are owned by the people who come here illegally, or who are from countries that have not fully implemented [the new] legislation, like Sudan.”‘

Business cards are printed in Black owned businesses across African countries’The B-Card was first issued in the Gambia in 2007, but in 2018 it was introduced to Tanzania and to Kenya.

The BACOA is also working with A-Business in South Africa, a non-profit organisation, to print the B-Cards.

The association has produced more than 700,000 B-cards for African companies in Africa and has plans to print around 100,000 by 2019.

“There is no reason why you cannot have a business card printed in a black owned building,” El-Yadiyi said.

“This is a way of doing business.

It gives a voice to people who are not represented in the mainstream.”

The A-Cares Business Card Project was launched in 2016 by the BECoa and has since produced more of the cards.

The aim is to ensure that the business cards are not made of recycled paper, which can have environmental impacts, or are printed using environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled plastic.

“The BEDA is the biggest organisation in Africa to produce business cards, and they print them in a sustainable way,” El Mokhtar said.

“So, we want to ensure there is a good quality business card.”

The African Development Bank has also been a supporter of the BACOA, providing support to its business cards in Africa by providing grants of up to $3,500 to support business.

The ABI also donated the business card printing capacity of the business and financial sectors to the BEDOA in 2019, which has already been expanded by another $3.5 million.

“B-C-Card printing is not just about the number of cards, it’s about the quality and the quality of the printing process,” El Morrisson said.

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