Busy bee customers who prefer paying for delivery via cash or Paypal may soon have a new option.

Uber is rolling out a new payment method for its business delivery service, which lets customers pay for their orders via cash and PayPal.

The new option is only available in the US, where the Uber app has yet to launch.

Uber has said it is exploring ways to expand into Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The change will allow customers to pay for deliveries with their PayPal accounts.

Uber’s business delivery app will now be available in Australia, and it has also announced plans to roll out its payment option in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Uber said the new payment service is “in testing” and it is looking into how customers will use it, but did not say when or if it would launch in Australia.

“Business delivery is a great way to get groceries delivered to you quickly and efficiently,” said Uber spokesperson Mark Hooper in a statement.

“We want to bring this technology to the masses, and Uber is testing this out in Australia and New Zealand.”

Business delivery has become a hot topic for the ride-hailing giant as the US and UK both consider regulating its services, which rely on driverless cars to deliver groceries and other items.

Uber recently said it would start offering business delivery in the UK in early 2019, though the service has been limited to delivery in London since January.

Business delivery is also a hot subject for Amazon, which said it was investigating whether its online marketplace could be regulated as a delivery service.

Amazon has already begun offering a delivery app in the United States.

Uber and Amazon were also in the middle of a legal battle over how much drivers should be paid.

Uber sued Amazon over the matter, claiming drivers were not paid enough.

The case was thrown out by a California federal court, but it was thrown back out again in April after Uber asked a judge to rule that Uber could collect fees from drivers and pay them based on the amount they earn.

Uber will be able to collect fees and charges from drivers who use its business and delivery services.

Uber added that it would allow drivers to pay their drivers fees on their own behalf, but not from Uber.

The company said that Uber would pay drivers a $1 per hour fee for every delivery, plus additional fees based on hours worked.

Uber currently charges drivers $0.50 per delivery in order to ensure they earn enough money to pay drivers and take home enough to cover their rent.

The fee would apply to all deliveries, including Uber’s own, Uber said.

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