ANAUSTRALIA (AP) You may have seen a fox in your backyard, or perhaps it’s just been in your back yard for a while.

But it’s not the most common fox to have in your home.

Most people will not be aware of a fox and most of those who are will not know how to identify them.

And in fact, the majority of fox owners in Australia have never even heard of the species.

Foxes have been around for hundreds of years, and the majority don’t live in Australia.

But they are not rare.

They’re found in almost every country in the world.

What’s a fox?

A fox is a small, furry, rodent-like creature that is generally found on the plains of Australia.

The foxes coat is dark brown with a long black tail.

It’s the same color as the fur on a dog or cat.

Some foxes are brownish brown, and some are grey.

They can grow to lengths of about 6-8 inches, but there are many more in Australia than that.

In Australia, they’re not very social, but they’re well-known for being friendly.

Some will occasionally come and go from their burrows, and their scent will attract your attention.

They may also hang around your garden, or you may see them walking on the roads.

There are many different species of foxes in Australia, ranging in size from about 1/2 to 6 inches.

In some places, the species may only be found in certain areas.

The first known sighting of a black fox occurred in 1871, when a black bear was captured in the Great Northern Territory.

The Australian Department of Environment and Heritage (DEWEH) says that was only the first black fox spotted in Australia because of the lack of fox population numbers at the time.

The Australian Fox and Wildlife Management Agency says it has collected more than 100,000 specimens of black fox in Australia over the past 20 years.

They’ve collected thousands of specimens of fox and black bears, and even an adult male fox.

The foxes have also been seen in Australia in the wild.

There have been sightings of fox in Tasmania, and foxes were seen in South Australia and Queensland in 2014.

There has also been some sightings of a white fox in the state of Victoria.

Foxes are sometimes known as “fox killers” in Australia due to the number of fox kills.

The number of Australian foxes has increased steadily in recent years, reaching an estimated 8,500 in 2012.

That number has grown to 11,500 animals in 2017.

The most recent data shows there were more than 2,000 foxes living in Tasmania at the end of March 2018.

Fox numbers are not expected to increase again until at least 2023.

That’s when a population of fox hunters will be able to legally hunt foxes for sport.

In 2016, a report by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) estimated that Australia’s fox population could be reduced by as much as 85 per cent.

The report found that Australia could lose up to 75 per cent of its fox population within the next 10 years, with the loss of up to 20 per cent for the species of black and brown fox.

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