A busy beaver has become a sought-after commodity for buskers, who are keen to keep an eye on the animals in the region.

As of October, the animals have been busking in the city of Gwangju in south-eastern China, where they’re a popular tourist attraction.

Many people from across the world flock to Gwangjin to witness their majestic beasts on the banks of the Yangtze River, which flows into the Yangzheng River.

In recent years, the wildlife population in the area has been rapidly expanding.

The number of animals in captivity has increased from less than 10 in 2014 to more than 300 now.

The beavers have become a big drawcard for tourists.

But, they are also expensive, and the animals are prone to over-grazing, a condition known as gorging.

“In the past, they would feed in the fields, but now they are mostly going out in the field to feed in a field,” said Kang Hong, a busker from the city.

“The beaver are very aggressive and they can get into the farmers’ fields and attack them.”

Many buskers also sell the animals as pet or as a delicacy.

Tourism is one of the primary drivers of tourism in China, and so the zoo and wildlife parks are seen as the key to attracting tourists to the country.

But there is also a darker side to this booming industry.

In recent years there have been allegations of over-population of animals, including some of the wild ones that have been sold for human consumption.

Tourists in Gwangjun, where buskers and tourists alike work in large numbers, have witnessed the animals being sold to zoos for the highest prices.

“I’ve seen the prices go up from the zoo to a whopping 50,000 yuan (£30,000),” said Kang.

“But we still have to feed them.”

Despite these rising prices, many buskers are reluctant to use the animals for busking.

Buskers are concerned that it will attract more tourists to China, which has a population of less than 5 million.

“There is a real danger of overgrazers getting more into the city,” said one busker.

“They have a high tolerance for it, so they will take them down quickly.

And then they can start killing the animals.”

A busy beavers, which can reach heights of 100cm (30in)It is estimated that the wild animals are responsible for between 30,000 and 60,000 deaths in China every year.

This is despite the fact that the number of captive animals has been steadily increasing, according to Kang.

“They’re all being sold as pets,” he said.

“It’s a big problem.”

Tourists from all over the world are often attracted to the area because of the wildlife attractions and because it is close to their home.

However, many of them also fear that the animals may end up dying in captivity.

Buskers, too, are concerned about the animals’ welfare, especially as they are often given large amounts of food to eat.

“We can’t keep them for ourselves because we have to go into the fields to feed the animals,” said an animal rights activist from the Gwanggangzha district.

“If the animals die, they will be in big trouble.”

But while many busker groups and busking businesses are reluctant about using the animals, the authorities are taking the issue seriously.

In the last few years, Gwangjang, a city in southern China, has made a number of efforts to reduce the over-farming of wild animals.

For example, in April, the city announced that the city would ban the killing of wild beavers.

Other initiatives have also been implemented.

The authorities are now banning the eating of wild fruit and vegetables, and in March they began a nationwide campaign to discourage the consumption of wild fruits.

But buskers fear that they too will be affected by the ban.

“Wild animals are very easy to control, and I worry that they will soon be banned,” said another busker, surnamed Song.

“Because we’ve been doing busking for decades, we know what’s safe and what’s not safe.

And if the animals aren’t protected, we’ll lose our business.”

Some wildlife groups have also voiced concerns about the government’s plans to increase wild-animal numbers.

“There is no place for wild animals in a city,” the Gwongju Wildlife Foundation wrote in a letter to the government.

“It’s just too dangerous to allow wild animals into the cities.”

But Kang believes that this could change.

“Buskers can go out to a zoo and be safe, and then they’ll have to do it again.”

He said he would be willing to be part of such a change if the government were willing to step in.

“Otherwise, it’s a disaster for the city

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