A few months ago, Google’s head of business operations and a large chunk of its corporate social responsibility team were talking about how they wanted to hire some big data scientists.

Google has been trying to recruit data scientists since the early 2000s and it was a big part of its effort to scale its data science operations.

A recent Wall Street report said Google was in talks with more than 40 companies to work on big data, a field that’s still in its infancy.

That report also said Google’s hiring drive was still focused on finding and hiring data scientists and other people who could help build the company’s big data efforts.

But a few weeks ago, the company hired the biggest data scientist in its history.

It wasn’t a huge hire, but it was an important one.

Google’s chief information officer, John Mueller, has been a big proponent of big data for years, and he was brought in after Google CEO Sundar Pichai quit to run the company.

But he left to run a startup, Waymo, which has taken a different path in data science.

Waymo started with just about $3 million in seed funding.

It has since raised more than $200 million, and its founders say they have about 100 employees.

And it’s hiring people all over the world.

It’s a big hire for Google, which still doesn’t have many big data-related employees.

The hiring of the big data expert is just one step in a broader effort to bring big data to Google.

Google also has begun using data analytics to build out some of its other business operations.

It recently bought the data analytics firm Datafolks for $4.5 billion, and it is using the data from that to improve its marketing, ads and search results.

In March, Google acquired data analytics company EY, a move that was expected to add a big chunk of new hires.

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