Businesses are now looking at Israeli technology companies to build their own cloud-based platforms and applications.

That includes cloud computing firms like Netcom, which has developed a technology that could allow businesses to offer up to 20,000 jobs for less than $100 per month.

Netcom, founded in 2005, is one of several Israel-based technology companies vying for attention from investors.

In fact, some of the biggest Israeli companies are pursuing cloud-oriented ventures.

Netco, the country’s largest cloud-computing company, recently announced plans to invest $200 million in a new Israeli company called Cybernet Systems.

The investment is expected to make Cybernet the first Israeli company to receive government funding to create a cloud-powered platform.

Netcomm, another Israeli technology company, has also signed on with Netcom.

Netnetcom, the largest cloud computing company in the world, is developing a technology called CyberNET that is meant to make cloud computing affordable and accessible to large enterprises.

Netcom has been looking at several Israeli cloud-focused companies, including Cybernet, Netcom’s founder, and Tel Aviv-based Bitcom.

Netco, which is part of the Netcom group, says its CyberNET technology can make it possible to build cloud applications and services for businesses for as little as $100 a month.

Cybernet is expected by the end of the year to have a software development kit that will allow its developers to build applications and websites using Netcom technology, according to Netcom CEO David Diamant.

Bitcom, a smaller Israeli company that focuses on security and business applications, is also looking at developing a cloud computing platform for its business customers.

BitCom, founded by Netcom founder David Dikic, is the second Israeli company announced to receive an Israeli government investment, following Cybernet.

Bitcom has said it will invest $500 million in Netcom and Cybernet in 2018.

Bitnet, which launched in 2017, is based in the southern Israeli city of Netanya and has raised $250 million.

Bitnet is developing its own cloud services, including the NetCOM platform.

BitCom said it plans to launch its first cloud platform in 2021.

The Israeli companies that have recently announced cloud-centric plans include BitCom, NetCOM and Bitcom Cybernet Security, which recently announced a $1 billion funding round led by Israel’s top investment fund, Balyas.

NetCom is also developing an open-source cloud-driven system for data centers that will make it easier for enterprises to deliver their own data centers.

NetCOM, which was founded in 2004 and has about 1,000 employees, will be spun off from Cybernet and CyberNET Systems.

Net com, a software company founded in 2007, is looking at creating its own platform that is built on top of Netcom technologies.

NetCOM, a company based in Netanya, will also begin to focus on building cloud-enabled applications for its customers.

Netman, a cloud platform for data center operators, announced a cloud services development kit last month.

Netman’s CEO, Dalia M. Katz, said in a statement that the kit is being developed to enable Netcom customers to build innovative solutions to their data center needs.

Netmen, which also develops the NetCom platform, is in talks with several Israeli and international companies to launch their own services in the cloud, Netman CEO Dalia Katz told The Jerusalem Report.

Netmans goal is to have all of Netmans cloud-specific services up and running by the middle of 2020.

Katz said the company will launch services in 2021, but did not disclose when that would be.

Netmen has said the goal is for the company to offer all of its cloud services to its customers, but Katz said Netmen would be the first to provide cloud services exclusively for data centre customers.

Other Israeli companies have been investing heavily in Israel, including Netcom CyberNet, Netcomm CyberNet and Netman CyberNet.

Netom, a telecommunications company, is building its own datacenters in Israel and will launch a new service in 2020, according of Netom CEO Diamante.

Netome, a network technology company based out of Tel Aviv, has a cloud service in development that it is hoping to launch in 2021 and hopes to be a cloud hub for Israeli and foreign companies, Netome CEO Yossi Rosenfeld told The Israel Project.

Netomedic, which specializes in mobile network and communications services, has plans to create its own services that will be available in Israel by the summer of 2021, Rosenfeld said.

Netamedic, based in Tel Aviv’s Old City, said its first mobile cloud service is set to launch by the first quarter of 2021.

Netmune, a mobile communications firm based in Jerusalem, is currently developing an app that will bring mobile-based applications to Israeli consumers, Rosenfield said.

Netmune’s cloud service will be released in 2021 for consumers

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