A business card with a logo, a slogan and a business card holder is a lot like a business check, according to the company behind the popular card.

“I can’t think of a more iconic and distinctive way of displaying a business business card,” said Michael Pfeiffer, president of CardMaster.

The card, with the logo of the Canadian Business Card Association, is designed to provide a way for businesses to promote their business to customers.

The Canadian Business card, made in Canada, is a very small business card that has the logo and a slogan on the back.

But Pfeffer said it doesn’t have any value.

“The value of the business card is not the logo, it’s not the slogan, it doesn,t have any real value.

The value is in the business itself, which is what makes it really unique,” he said.

CardMaster is the latest business card company to come out in favour of using the logo.

Last month, CardMaster’s logo, which was created by its own designers, was used on a new business card.

The new card features a stylized image of a woman with a heart and a heart-shaped symbol in a circle.

“Business cards are a very, very big part of our business and it is important for us to provide value for our customers, and our cards are part of that,” Pfeifner said.

Pfeiefer said the company has been looking for a new logo, and that he would like to have a business model that uses a logo as part of the marketing.

The logo on the business cards can be used on other marketing materials and can be shared with customers through their social networks, PfeIFeiffer said.

“We want to have an opportunity for our customer to use our cards and for them to share our cards with others, but it is also an opportunity to share with others,” he added.

Cardmaster says it is working with the Business Card Alliance, which promotes business cards across Canada, to come up with a new branding.

“There is a strong demand for business cards in Canada and we have a very strong business card industry and we think that we have an excellent opportunity to provide some value for those customers who want to see that their business is recognised,” Pefiffer added.

PFEIFER said that while he thinks it is a good idea to include the logo on all business cards the card is still a business.

“It is not a business, it is not an investment, it can’t be a portfolio,” he explained.

The company said it has also looked at other branding options such as a company logo on a business cards or a logo on its website.

Pefifer said that although CardMaster uses the logo in marketing, it does not have a partnership with any business or other entity to use the logo for marketing purposes.

Card master is the second major Canadian card company that has decided to make a business use of its logo.

A couple of years ago, Canadian Card Master started using the slogan “Business Card For Everyone” on its business cards.

The slogan has since been used on business cards from several other companies.

“People want to look at their business card and think of the things that they can do with their card,” PFEIFFER said.

The Business Card Associations of Canada (BCCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes and promotes the use of card-based business cards worldwide.

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