An Oregon search engine that specializes in searching for businesses based in Oregon has expanded its business search features, allowing for businesses to search for locations as well as employees, partners, and customers.

The company’s new search engine is named the Oregon Business Search, and is available in search terms such as “corporate location search,” “employee search,” and “customer search.”

Google said that it expanded its search engine to include business listings and related data in response to increased demand.

The company added that it plans to add additional search features in the future, but for now it has limited access to its business listings.

Users can also create their own custom search terms, but the company said that this option was not yet available to users.

The Oregon Business search was launched in October 2016, and currently lists more than 200,000 business listings, and provides search options for the business’ name, company location, company name, employee and customer names.

For businesses in Oregon, the company provides a list of businesses in that area, and the company can also provide information on local labor laws and other local regulations.

Google said that its expanded search features were in response, in part, to the increased demand for business listings from businesses that are looking to expand.

Google has also added an option to provide businesses with a list, of their current locations, so that users can make the necessary business travel decisions.

In addition, the search engine also lets users search for employees, and partners, to provide more context on business relationships.

The search engine has been available since March.

The Oregon BusinessSearch was initially launched in 2016 as an alternative to Google’s main business search tool, which was primarily used by Google to provide information to its users.

Google added that the Oregon business listing feature will not be able to be used for businesses that do not have a physical location, which could be businesses that operate out of a business office, but only within the state of Oregon.

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