Business news is coming from the business world in 2016, and this time it’s not a story about tech companies that are going public or the rise of “unicorns.”

The story is about how Fox Business, the company that owns Fox News, is getting ready to create a video production unit.

The idea is to streamline the production process and to streamlines the content, Fox Business has told investors.

Fox Business and other media companies are starting to streamlining production processes in the digital era.

Fox and other entertainment companies are now making movies and television shows more like television shows and movies.

In a company that has been focused on video production, Fox is tapping into a big opportunity.

It is creating a video division, which it hopes will help it to diversify the content production, as well as streamline production and improve its overall video production process.

The company says that it will start the process this week with the launch of a new production unit called the Video Team.

That video production division is a product of Fox’s new production team, which will have about two dozen employees.

The team is expected to start in early spring, with the goal of launching in July, Fox said in a statement.

The production team will be working from a facility in New York City, which has been used for production of the Fox Business Network and Fox Business Online, the companies said in their announcement.

It’s unclear how much the video division will cost the company, but Fox says it expects to pay for it at a rate of at least $30 million per year, according to the company.

Fox said the new production group will work with “the most talented, award-winning, highly skilled video production teams around the world” and “be responsible for a wide range of production and creative tasks including video production.”

The new video division is part of Fox Business’ new video team, according the company’s statement.

It will produce videos for Fox News and Fox Sports, the news networks that Fox has built into its businesses.

The new team will also work with Fox Business Studios, the digital operation Fox runs.

“We’re creating a digital powerhouse that will allow us to deliver the most compelling content on Fox Business in the world,” Fox President Andy Lack said in the statement.

Fox has been investing heavily in its video operations over the last few years.

It was the first major media company to buy a video studio in 2011, but it didn’t start doing much of that until this year.

That’s when Fox bought a video team to stream video from the network’s local studios.

Since then, Fox has invested in other video production capabilities.

Fox’s production team is part to its new video operation, according Fox.

In its statement, Fox called the new team “a leading video producer” and said it will be responsible for producing videos for all Fox News channels, including the Fox Sports channels.

The video production company will be part of a production division called “VOD,” or Video Online.

It “will help Fox Business deliver our highest quality, award winning video content, including on-demand, digital and video platforms.”

Fox also said it would work with the VOD production team to create more than 600 videos to be made by the video team and its affiliates.

It said the video production staff will also be responsible to create and produce video content for the “biggest, most powerful and most popular platforms on the Internet, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu and Facebook.”

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