Small business owners in America are in for a rude awakening, as more than 30% of them have seen their company collapse within the past year, according to a report from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Small business is one of the most under-regulated industries, which means that any losses caused by a downturn can be extremely severe.

As the US government continues to struggle with a budget crisis, the issue of how to address the problem has become a hot topic.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

Most small business owners have seen losses in the past two yearsThe report found that, over the past five years, just under half of small business ownership was in trouble, and that losses increased by 27% in the first three quarters of 2018 alone.

The average size of the small business in America has shrunk by 20% since 2010.

This is due to several factors, including the growing number of small businesses that have been outsourced to the internet, as well as the fact that the cost of the internet is much higher than in the days of the dot-com bubble.

The problem is compounded by the fact small businesses are facing a lot of competition, which has led to a “business as usual” mentality.

Many smaller companies are being forced to compete with online companies and that can create a very competitive environment for small business, which can lead to a lot more loss.

The report also found that while fewer Americans are investing in small businesses, they’re still making money.

The majority of Americans have been saving for retirement for at least the last two decades, but small businesses have seen a rise in the number of people saving for their retirement, the report found.2.

The largest number of Americans now own a small businessThe study found that about 70% of all small businesses owned by Americans are owned by individuals, and just over half of these are in America.

This trend has continued since the Great Recession, as businesses have continued to increase in size, which creates more and more competition for owners.

It also means that fewer Americans own their own small businesses.3.

The top 5 most popular occupations for American workers are the same for every stateIn addition to the aforementioned occupations, the study also found the most popular jobs for American employees, which is the same across the US.

According to the report, the following jobs were most popular for workers in 2017: sales, administrative and professional services, transportation and warehousing, and food preparation and serving.4.

The number of American workers with college degrees has risen by an average of 25%Since 2010, the number with a bachelor’s degree has grown by an impressive 32%, according to the CRS report.

This means that the average American worker is now a better educated worker, and it’s also likely that the US is entering an economic era where there will be a lot fewer people with bachelor’s degrees, especially as fewer Americans will have the opportunity to earn one.

The study also noted that the number who have college degrees in 2017 is at its lowest level since 2000.5.

The biggest increase in college debt in the last three decadesThe average student debt per student in the US has more than doubled from about $6,600 in 2000 to $27,500 in 2018.

This increase is largely due to a drop in the cost and availability of college degrees, as the cost for the education of students has increased.

The amount of debt that students carry on their credit card has also increased, which adds another layer of financial stress for students, as they must repay any debts.6.

Americans are still making more than they were in 2000The average annual wage for workers has increased from $20,000 in 2000, to $33,000 today.

This growth has resulted in a shift in the economy from manufacturing to services and services to services.

The CRS found that the growth in average annual wages is primarily driven by the growing demand for workers.

This has created an increase in demand for services as well, which also helps to create jobs for Americans.7.

The median income for US workers has gone downSince 2000, the median annual income has dropped by $5,000 for each of the past three decades.

This decrease in the average annual income is largely driven by inflation, which increases the cost per dollar of purchasing goods and services.

It has also contributed to an increase of the number and size of households, which have increased by approximately 40% over the last decade.8.

The most expensive places to live in AmericaThe median cost of a median-priced home has increased by an estimated $1,700 from 2001 to 2018.

While this is a significant increase, it is still a relatively small price to pay.

The cost of housing in the United States is generally higher than anywhere else in the world, which makes it an affordable and accessible housing option for many Americans.9.

More than half of all Americans own a homeThe CRS study also examined the median home ownership rate for the US population, which was 62.

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