Google is launching a new home business competition, the first for the tech giant’s “home business” category, to encourage the creation of more home business-focused products.

Google’s new Home Business Ideas contest will see more than 40 home business creators compete to be awarded a Google Business account.

The company has also launched the Google Business Home Product Idea Competition, which will see up to 10 entries per company.

“We have created an innovative way to connect entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with product ideas,” said Andy Rubin, president of Google Home.

“In addition to winning an account and a Google Wallet account, the home business creator can now share their product idea and share it with Google.

This will encourage new ideas and help build products that can help people find value in their homes.”

The Home Business Idea Competition is open to home business owners and entrepreneurs who are in the home design, design-building, or digital content industry.

The competition will take place from Thursday 26 November until Saturday 2 December.

The Home Product Ideas Competition is also open to business owners, which means they can use the opportunity to design and develop products for the home or office.

The entries will be judged by a panel of experienced experts and will be evaluated by Google’s product experts to ensure that they are up to scratch.

The top three entries in the Home Product Innovation category will win Google Business accounts and Google Wallet accounts.

The company is also launching the Google Home Innovation Competition, where up to two companies can submit a home product idea that addresses home security, security solutions, security accessories, or home automation.

The Home Product Design Competition will take part from Wednesday 12 December until Saturday 6 January.

The Google Home Home Product Competition is a one-off competition in which entrants can submit home products to compete against one another for Google Business and Google Product Accounts.

The contest runs until 11:59pm GMT on Thursday 26 January.

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