A new lease is just that — a new deal.

But it’s also the first step in getting a business off the ground.

Here’s what you need to know about buying a business.


What’s a lease?

A lease is a formal contract that gives a business a right to run its business for a set period of time.

It also provides the business with the right to operate in certain areas of the state.

If a business wants to operate outside of those areas, it needs to apply to the government for a franchise.

A franchisee will be able to operate that business within certain limits.

For example, the area the business is in can only be 100 kilometres away from another business.


How long does it take for a lease to be signed?

A business can’t start operating until it’s approved by the local government, which is usually a licensing authority.

The government then sets a lease term and determines what’s the maximum amount of time a business can operate before the lease expires.

In some cases, the local authority can extend the lease for a longer period of times.


What happens if the lease is not renewed?

If a lease is unfulfilled, the business will lose its franchise.

The owner can then apply to have the lease cancelled.

If that happens, the owner has the right of appeal to the provincial and federal governments.

If the business fails to comply with the lease, it can also be considered a non-franchisee and can be shut down.


Is there a franchisee registration fee?

The franchisee’s registration fee varies depending on where they’re located.

Some franchises require an annual fee, while others require a monthly fee.


How much does it cost to buy or rent a business?

Depending on the location, a business rent may cost anywhere from $25 to $400 per month.

The monthly rent can be set by the franchisee, which will then charge the owner a fee for that amount.


How does the business operate under the lease?

The lease generally requires that the business maintain a certain number of employees, which includes the owners employees.

If it doesn’t, the landlord can apply to revoke the lease at any time.


What about a business owned by someone else?

It’s possible to sell a business under the franchise, but that may require more than just a new business.

The franchise is also used to set up new businesses.

For instance, an employer could sell their business under a franchise to another company.

This would allow that company to open their own business under another name.

The new company would also get to operate under a different name.

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