A new wave of tech workers is moving to Manila, a city that has long been the heart of Asia’s tech boom.

And as the industry expands and the local government struggles to attract new talent, a new class of business owners is finding their niche and expanding.

In the Philippines, they are called small business owners.

“There are a lot of them in Manila, but I think the ones that have a big impact on the Philippines economy are the ones who are small businesses,” said Jorge Ramos, an economics professor at the Manila Institute of Government.

“And they are doing things that are not done by traditional businesses.”

Ramos says this is because of the high cost of living in Manila.

Small businesses that are small enough to pay a premium, Ramos says, are often overlooked by the big players.

That’s not to say that big companies have not found success in the Philippines.

“The major companies are very much invested in Manila,” Ramos said.

“They have huge marketing campaigns in Manila that make it very attractive for new people to come and try to find a small business in the city.”

Small businesses in Manila are a common sight around the city.

“I think we have a lot more of them than we do businesses, or even businesses that do a lot,” said Maria Gomes, an employee at a restaurant called the Noche de Cabeza, which is located in the heart in the center of Manila.

“In the Philippines you have to be able to afford to hire a chef, a cleaner, a dishwasher, a driver, a maid, a receptionist, a carpenter.

That is the basic needs of your business.”

In the past few years, a number of small businesses have become popular tourist destinations, like the Nueva Colonia Restaurant and the Nachos Nacho Tacos, both in Manila’s Bataan neighborhood.

“We are really lucky because the people who are looking for small businesses are people who come to the Philippines to get their feet wet in a new business, and we are able to bring them back and continue with their business,” Ramos explained.

In 2016, Ramos noticed a surge of new people coming to the city seeking to start businesses.

“That was the moment that we knew there was a problem,” Ramos recalled.

“It was the same thing we have seen before.

We had a big boom, and then the boom fell.

“What we saw was that there were a lot companies that were offering to hire them, and those companies were able to pay us a lot higher than what we were paying.” “

And that meant that people were looking for work, even if they were only paying $10 per hour. “

What we saw was that there were a lot companies that were offering to hire them, and those companies were able to pay us a lot higher than what we were paying.”

And that meant that people were looking for work, even if they were only paying $10 per hour.

“Now we are finding that people are really looking for jobs because of that surge of people, and they want to work in the service sector,” Ramos continued.

“When you see a big company hiring a small-business person, it’s a big signal.

The people who work in these companies are looking to become professionals.”

Ramos, who also works at the Institute of Statistics and Economic Research in the country, believes that it’s only a matter of time before the Philippines is hit by another tech boom, which he says is already happening.

“This is happening all over the world.

China is booming.

The United States has seen the same trend.

The trend is getting faster and faster,” Ramos predicted.

“But this is not happening in the United States, and it is not even happening in China.”

The Philippines, like many other countries, is experiencing a severe economic downturn.

While unemployment remains high in the region, the number of unemployed workers has been rising for the past several years.

And with the economy shrinking, the Philippines’ small business market is also growing, which has resulted in more and more jobs being created in the past year.

As a result, Ramos thinks that the Philippines could soon become a major destination for tech jobs.

“My hope is that we will see another big surge in the industry, and a big job creation,” Ramos concluded.

“If we see more companies that are opening in the cities, I think that’s the only way we will be able … to support this boom.”

The full report can be seen on ABC News at 11 a.m. and 10 p.m., ET, Monday through Thursday.

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