Business Insider UK business intelligence firm Bespoke Intelligence has revealed its 2016 rankings of corporate cultures and behaviours, and the UK ranks third overall.

The firm’s research revealed a UK business where the ‘core’ values of success, transparency and teamwork have lost their footing, and where the average worker has less trust in their leaders than in their boss.

The report also found that UK companies are more likely to work from home, to avoid distractions, to prioritize team work, and have less respect for their own processes and processes-as-a-service (PaaS).

According to Bespokes, companies with ‘high-performance’ values and processes are less likely to be able to adapt, and to innovate.

It also found companies with a ‘high work/life balance’ were the most likely to report their employees to management and less likely than their peers to take the time to plan for their work.

However, it’s not just the UK that’s at risk from this trend.

In the US, the average employee is still working in the workplace at an average of over 50 hours a week.

But the US has a different problem than the UK.

According the Bespoker report, companies in the US are now facing the risk of a “long-term decline in the business climate.”

In particular, the report revealed that businesses are becoming less responsive to employees’ needs and more likely, to rely on outside resources for their business success.

Bespoke is the first company to reveal the results of its research into the culture of US companies, and it’s an important step in understanding how we can create a more effective business.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

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