Business school grads are finding themselves on the move, in and out of work, with the advent of the gig economy.

But many who are starting their career in the field are finding it hard to make a living in the digital economy.

In fact, a new study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more than half of recent graduates have left the industry to pursue careers in non-tech fields, with a growing number going into technology.

The new report by the bureau, which tracks job postings on the Bureau of Industry and Security’s (BIS) website, also found that more people than ever are using technology to get jobs, including mobile apps, social media and online advertising.

But the survey showed that most people are still struggling to find work in their field, with just over half of graduates saying they had not found a job in their chosen field.

The bureau’s study, released Wednesday, also showed that the number of graduates who are working part time, but are looking for full-time employment has tripled since 2015.

More than half, or 49.9%, of graduates in the new study said they were working part-time and half were working full-timers, the survey found.

But graduates said they are still finding it difficult to make ends meet.

About 42.5% of graduates said their income fell below the poverty line this year, the highest percentage since 2014, the BIS survey found, citing the U-6 income level.

About 18.9% of students who were full- or part-timing were working less than 30 hours per week.

More graduates are working at less than half the national median salary for full time employees, the study found.

And in some cases, it is even lower than that.

About 21% of full- and part-timer graduates were working in the minimum wage category.

But nearly half of those with jobs are not working in a position where they would earn the minimum salary, such as retail sales associates.

About 12.7% of all graduates said it was difficult to find a job.

The BIS has reported on the growth in employment in its “Paycheck” study, which was released last year, and is expected to be released in full next year.

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