Georgia business owners and marketers should look for business card templates that are tailored to their unique business or geographic location, according to a new national business furniture search.

“There are a lot of unique businesses in Georgia and we don’t always have the right templates to use in different geographic areas,” said John Cavanaugh, president and CEO of Georgia’s Department of Business and Industry.

“I think the Georgia business card market is huge and I think people need to be aware of the market, and that’s why I think a lot businesses that are in the metro Atlanta area, we need to focus on them and they need to know what we’re doing.”

Cavanaugh, who heads up the Georgia Department of Commerce’s business furniture division, said there are a number of different business card template types, but he thinks Georgia needs to keep in mind the different business environments, like a regional market, or an urban or suburban market, that are located around the state.

“What makes us unique is that we have the geographic location,” he said.

“We have a lot more options that other states don’t have, and we want to make sure that we are able to reach people across the state.”

For example, he said, some Georgia business cards might not show up in the national business card database, which is used by all state government, while others might show up on the Georgia Business Card Registry.

“We need to work with our partner partners to get as many unique business cards to market as possible,” he added.

“The Georgia business certificate is one of the most sought-after business cards in the country, and they should be a very important part of any business marketing campaign.

They help us to sell the business card and make sure people know what our business is about.”

Conda said the new business cards need to fit in with Georgia’s overall business environment.

“They need to communicate what Georgia is about, what we do, and what our mission is,” he explained.

“The Georgia Business Certificate has been used for over 40 years, and in many different locations across the country,” he continued.

“There is no shortage of Georgia business certificates and if you want to have a good shot at selling the Georgia Certificate, you need to look at Georgia and try to meet the requirements.”

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